Ireland Company Namecheck

Company names in Ireland must be pre-approved for availability and acceptability. The Companies Registration Office has a company name reservation system and a name can be reserved for 28 days.

The Companies Registration Office will only refuse a name, if:

    • It is similar, identical or phonetically the same as a name already on the register
    • It implies state sponsorship
    • It is generally recommended that company names include extra words so as to create a sufficient distinction
    • Abbreviations, accents and punctuation marks are not sufficient to distinguish between company names
    • Place names are not considered to be a sufficient distinction between company names e.g. Ireland, Dublin, West
    • The inclusion of only a general qualification such as holding, group, systems, services, solutions, enterprises, international, etc. will not be regarded as a sufficient distinction between company names
    • Names that are phonetically or visually similar will be refused. This includes names where there is a slight variation in the spelling and the variation does not make a significant difference
    • A number on its own will not be accepted as a sufficient distinguishing mark
    • If a name includes words which imply specific functions e.g. holding, group, further information may be required by the CRO to support the application
    • Names containing certain words cannot be used unless approved by relevant bodies. These include the words bank, insurance, society, co-op, university, institute

Check the Availability of your Proposed Company Name

We will check the availability of your proposed company name at the CRO and advise you of any conflicts with existing Irish companies already on the register.

When you are ready to Incorporate your Irish company, we will check the company name at the CRO to ensure there are no conflicts and your new business name is unique

Company Namecheck