Irish Registered Office

Every Irish company must have a Registered Office Address at which official documents can be served. This address should be displayed on the letterheads of the company.

This is the official address of your business where all official documents are served. This does not have to be your trading address but it must be located in Ireland.

The Registered Office of your company is the address for your company which is recorded with the Companies Registration Office. Official documents, such as documents from the Revenue Commissioners and the Registrar of Companies are served on a company at its registered office.

The provider of your registered office address is very important since as they receive all documents from both the Revenue Commissioners and the Companies Registration Office and should be capable of advising and or dealing with such official correspondence.

Please note that this address should not be used for any trading purposes or general correspondence, or for any form of advertising. The address is only to be used to comply with the requirements of the Companies Act 2014 in relation to official mail and documents.

We can provide a Registered Office address for your new Irish Company, we will forward on all official mail. We will scan and email this to you and in the case of multiple pages or postal items we will send by by first class post on receipt and:

  • Accept service of legal documentation
  • Immediately forward letters and notices from the Companies Registration Office
  • Hold Statutory Registers, if required – electronically or physically

In addition, a copy of a company’s official books must always be kept at the Registered Office for the benefit of both shareholders and other interested parties.

We can make the following registered office address available to be used as the Registered Office of your new company:

Blair House
Upper O’Connell Street
Co Clare

All official communications with the company are issued to the company at its registered office. This includes strike-off notices and annual return reminders. Any change of registered office should therefore be notified to the Companies Registration Office without delay following the change.

The registered office can be anywhere in the State. The address must be a physical location as people have the right to visit the company’s registered office to inspect certain registers and documents and to deliver documents by hand.