Ireland Company Documents

Company documents can be provided for registered Irish companies from the Companies Registration Office, certified documents are signed by the Registrar of Companies. Apostille service is also available and provided through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Ireland.

Certificate of Good Standing – Letter of Status

The CRO will issue a certified letter of status for an Irish company that is in Good Standing, confirming it is registered. Under the Companies Act the Certificate showing Good Standing is issued if the company has filed the annual return. The certificate is sent through by courier and has the company extract attached.

Status Certificate Includes –

  • Company Name
  • Company Number
  • Incorporation Date

Attached Extract Includes –

  • Name – Company Name, Previous Company Names
  • Address – Registered Office Address
  • Type –Type of Company – Private Limited by Shares, Limited Partnership
  • Dates – Date Incorporated, Date of Last Annual Return, Date of Next Annual Return, Date of Designation, Bond Expiring Date
  • Charges and Mortgages –Number of Charges Filed, Date Registered, Date Created, Date Acquired, Amount Secured, Particulars of Property, Person Entitled Details, Satisfaction Status, Satisfaction Type
  • Directors –Directors Note, Directors Name, Directors Address
  • Company Secretary –Directors Name, Directors Address
  • List of Documents Filed –Including Status, Number, Submission, Date Effective and Date Registered

Ireland Status Certificate Sample

Sample of Certificate of Good Standing which comes with the Irish Company extract attached.

Ireland Incorporation Certificate

The CRO will issue a certified copy of the Incorporation Certificate for an Irish company, confirming the registration number and when it was registered.

Ireland Status Certificate Sample

Sample of an Irish Incorporation Certificate which we can provide certified by the Registrar of Companies.

Ireland Apostille

Apostilled Company documents are provided, they are first certified by the Registrar of Companies and then Apostilled by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Ireland.

Irish Company Documents Apostilled

  • Good Standing Certificate / Letter of Status
  • Incorporation Certificate
  • Constitution – previously called Memorandum and Articles of Association

Ireland Constitution Document

In Ireland Private Companies Limited by Shares are registered under Part 2 of the Companies Act 2014. The company has a constitution document instead of the previous separate Memorandum & Articles. We can in Ireland supply a certified copy of the Company Constitution document, the constitution states the name of the company, the fact that the company is a private company limited by shares, any specified regulations.

Order Irish Company Documents

To order Irish company documents please complete the form with the target company, the documents required and your email to proceed.


Company Documents Order Form

Required Documents

Regular - £112

Regular - £120Apostilled - £280

Certified - £120Apostilled - £280

Certified - £180Apostilled - £280

Certified - £220Apostilled - £360