Ireland Company Search

We can provide a company search report on an Irish registered company with the latest information filed with at the Companies Registration Office (CRO). The search report includes the current company status for limited companies and limited partnerships. The Irish company search report is sent through by email and includes a company extract with the following details –

  • Name – Company Name, Previous Company Names
  • Address – Registered Office Address
  • Type -Type of Company – Private Limited by Shares, Limited Partnership
  • Dates -Date Incorporated, Date of Last Annual Return, Date of Next Annual Return, Date of Designation, Bond Expiring Date
  • Charges and Mortgages – Number of Charges Filed, Date Registered, Date Created, Date Acquired, Amount Secured, Particulars of Property, Person Entitled Details, Satisfaction Status, Satisfaction Type
  • Directors – Directors Note, Directors Name, Directors Address
  • Company Secretary – Directors Name, Directors Address
  • List of Documents Filed – Including Status, Number, Submission, Date Effective and Date Registered
  • Accounts – The Latest filed Directors’ Report and Accounts – when filed

Ireland Search example

Sample of Search Extract included within the Irish Company Search

company search

Order a Company Search

To order an Irish company search report please complete the form with the target company and your email to proceed. The company search report is send through by email once the extract and filings are received from the Registrar of Companies.

Company Document Order Form

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