Memorandum of Association – Company Constitution

Under the Companies Act 2014 the term Constitution replaces the term – Memorandum and Articles of Association. The Constitution is the formal document that sets out the rules governing an Irish company. It also defines the relationship between the company, shareholders, director and other officers of the company. The Companies Act 2014 has replaced the Memorandum & Articles of Association with a Constitution for Limited companies and hence becoming the new governing document for most companies.

A private company limited by shares (LTD company), being a company incorporated under the Companies Act 2014 has a one document constitution. The format of the constitution is set out in the relevant schedule to the Companies Act.

The constitution is filed with the Companies Registration Office on Incorporation of the company. When a new Constitution is adopted, or a change are made, a shareholder resolution must be passed and filed with the Companies Registration Office for it to take effect.

Companies are incorporated using a principal objects clause in line with the principal activity of the company and the subsidiary objectives allows the company diversity to trade in any business.

Incorporate your Irish limited company

When we incorporate your Irish limited company we prepare your constitution with a specific principal object clause as it is required by the Companies Registration Office for all companies intending immediate commercial activity.